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Driveways in Sutton I Different Types of Driveways

With so many different materials for making driveways from, it can be daunting when trying to decide on the perfect fit for your Sutton home. In this blog post our expert landscapers list some of the most popular materials used for driveways in the Surrey area.


Bespoke Landscapes Ltd have been installing driveways in Sutton for nearly 20 years. Based in Epsom, our qualified landscapers have experience installing driveways of all types. From tarmac and concrete, to gravel and block paving, we use industry-leading equipment to complete hard landscaping projects and ensure a quality finish on all the work we carry out.

Popular Materials for Sutton Driveways


We understand the importance of shaping and moulding outdoor areas to fit your style and are happy to provide advice on the types of driveways to compliment your Sutton property.


Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac is an affordable and durable material used for outdoor surfaces throughout the UK. It is commonly used for constructing road surfaces, car parks, paths and is a popular option amongst Sutton homeowners for their driveways. Tarmac is practical and hard wearing, making it an ideal option for domestic customers using their driveways on a daily basis.


Bespoke Landscapes Ltd are experts at repairing and installing tarmac driveways. Our team of professional landscapers use high-quality hot tarmac, which is poured onto a measured surface and spread to form a hard and resilient surface once cooled. With average domestic usage by Sutton homeowners, tarmac driveways should last for over 25 years.


Gravel Driveways

Gravel can be a beautiful addition to any outside space. Customers in Sutton have been using it for their landscaping projects for many years and it is becoming increasingly popular as an option for their driveways. Made from crushed stone fragments such as limestone, basalt and sandstone, gravel comes in many different colours and forms, including course and fine.


Our landscapers source quality gravel from local manufacturers in Sutton, Surrey and the surrounding areas. After performing a site survey to establish the precise amount of gravel required, gravel will be delivered to your home ready for the installation of your new driveway. Any existing surfaces are prepared and a subbase is securely fitted, before gravel is finally lain and spread onto the surface area by our practiced landscapers.


Block Paving

Block paving provides the perfect combination of functionality and visual appeal. It can completely transform the exterior of your Sutton home, adding curb appeal and value to any property. Made from individual blocks of stone or brick, block paving is a decorative method often used for driveways, patios, pavements and town centres.


Driveways made from block paving are hardwearing and durable, as well as pleasing to the eye. The use of individual block allows for flexibility when it comes to the design and pattern of your driveway. Our experienced landscapers provide a range of different colours, finishes and patterns to compliment any outside space. The most common design pattern amongst homeowners in Sutton is the aesthetically-pleasing herringbone pattern.

Call Bespoke Landscapes Ltd on 01737 813607 to speak to professional landscapers about services in Sutton. Our driveways are of premium quality and workmanship first-class.

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